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Cake Tastings

We’d like to think that all our flavors are equally as good as each other, but we know some people do have different tastes and preferences. This is why trying your cake is so important.

We currently offer pickup cake tastings for you to take home and try at your own convenience. Our tastings are held twice a month on a Saturday for pickup between 10am - 12pm. Upcoming dates can be found on our CONTACT page. Cake tastings are $30 for 5 flavors from our menu. They are served in large dessert cups as we do create many custom flavors for clients, therefore we do not do whole sliced cake tastings. If you wanted a better idea for serving sizes or individual flavor requests we offer a 4” diameter “TASTING CAKE” for $20 each, they can also be covered in fondant if you wanted to taste fondant with your cake.

We also offer in-person consultations, however, I politely do ask that these are kept for large dessert tables or large custom wedding design orders that need many details arranged and fine-tuned. If you would like to schedule an in-person consultation please expect a limited schedule as I do have child care, events, and cake making to work around as well. We can meet at an agreed upon location or at a local coffee house in La Mesa called Sheldon’s Service Station, which has lots of seating. I can bring a cake tasting, however, out of courtesy and respect for the establishment I do ask that the tasting is not tried there.