Base Pricing: $4.25/serving for buttercream. $4.85/serving for fondant finished cakes.

Do you offer tastings? 

Yes, at this time we only offer pickup/takeaway cake tastings as we are a home-based bakery without employees. Our tastings are every other Saturday of the month to accommodate most schedules. You are able to choose 5 flavors off of our menu for $30.00, or we can do custom flavors as well. Cake tastings feed up to 2 people, however, additional cake tasting boxes can be purchase if others would like to try the cakes with you. Our cake tastings come in large dessert cups (similar to our cake shots on our menu) as we do make many custom flavors per our client’s requests so making whole assembled cakes to cut is not cost effective. If you would like to try a “Tasting Cake” we sell 4” cakes in any flavor you’d like to try for $20 each and serve up to 4 people.

Do you do in-person consultations?

I can arrange for an in-person consultation where we can go over your budget, design, and other information you’d like to discuss. I recommend meeting at a local café in La Mesa called Sheldon’s Service Station as they usually have ample seating available. If you’d like to purchase a cake tasting I can bring it there, however, I cannot have my clients taste the cakes at another business operation out of respect and courtesy of their establishment. If you’d like to set up a consultation please reach out to me and we will coordinate a date.

Do you offer delivery for weddings?

Yes, delivery and set up is $45.00 if you are within a 15 mile radius. Any additional mileage is $1.25/mile and we will coordinate a delivery time with you, your wedding planner, or event coordinator.

However, I do not offer delivery for single tier wedding cakes, unless the order is over $150.

Do you require a deposit if I book with you?

If you book your wedding with us we require a $75.00 booking fee. This booking holds the date for your wedding and is a nonrefundable fee but does goes towards the value of your order. Two months prior to your wedding date we require 50% of the remaining total and two weeks before your wedding we require the other 50%. 

If you are booking us for a party and your total order is under $120.00 we require a 25% deposit.  

How far in advance should I place my order?

For weddings we love at least 2 months (or more) notice and need at least a months notice, sometimes we make exceptions. We do urge you to book your wedding as soon as possible to avoid unavailability. 

For all other cakes we require 5 days of advanced notice to book an order. This, however, doesn’t mean that we will be able to fit the order in, especially for elaborate designs or larger cakes.

Can I choose multiple flavors for my wedding cake?

Every tier can be a different flavor. Say you have a 4 tier wedding cake, you can choose up to 4 different flavors (with the exception of 4” cakes), however, each tier will be a different amount of servings so keep in mind which flavors will be more popular with your guests and how many servings there will be for guests to choose from. We typically say 2 flavors is perfect for large wedding cakes to have equal serving amounts.

Can I pick up my cake?

Yes, pick up is always an option. We do always suggest when picking up cakes to have a flat surface in your car with nothing around it to avoid collisions and possible injuries to the cake. For 2 tier and larger cakes we recommend a passenger in the car to oversee the cake as it travels. Once a cake leaves our premises any damages that may occur are no longer the responsibility of Simply Sifted.