Do you offer tastings? 

Yes, at the time we only offer delivery tastings. We deliver tastings two Saturday's every month and you can find our soonest delivery date for tastings on our Contact page. You are able to choose 5 flavors off of our menu for $30.00. Deliveries are free for tastings if you are within a 15 mile radius of our location, any additional mileage will be $1.00/mile. If you are further than 15 miles, meeting at a location within the 15 mile radius will work as well. We need a minimum of 72 hours for any tasting orders.

Do you offer delivery for weddings?

Yes, delivery and set up is $40.00 if you are within a 10 mile radius. Any additional mileage is $1.25/mile and we will coordinate a delivery time with your wedding planner or event coordinator.

Do you require a deposit if I book with you?

If you book your wedding with us we require a $75.00 booking fee. This booking holds the date for your wedding and is a nonrefundable fee but does goes towards your total in the end. Two months prior to your wedding date we require 50% of the remaining total and two weeks before your wedding we require the other 50%. 

If you are booking us for a party with us and your total order is over $100.00 we require a 25% deposit. If the order is under $100 no deposit is necessary. 

How far in advance should I place my order?

For weddings we need at least a months notice. We do urge you to book your wedding as soon as possible though because there are weekends where we get booked out. 

For parties we need to finalize an order at least 5 days before the party. Sometimes we are slower and can squeeze in a last minute order but that is not always the case. 

Can I choose multiple flavors for my wedding cake?

Every tier can be a different flavor. Say you have a 4 tier wedding cake, you can choose up to 4 different flavors, however each tier will be a different amount of servings so keep in mind which flavors will be more popular with your guests. 

Can I pick up my cake?

Yes, pick up is always an option. We do always suggest when picking up cakes to have a flat surface in your car with nothing around it to avoid collisions and possible injuries to the cake. We just want to mention that we release all liability for cakes and desserts that are picked up from us.